Wind, storm, visitors and Faith No More The oldest Czech music festival - Trutnov Open Air 1987-2012 – expresses sympathy with the visitors of the music festival in Hradec Králové

Following the events of the last few days in the connection with the rain and strong winds we are expressing our sympathy with the visitors of the music festival in Hradec Králové, which is ending in these days at the local airport. It was a test not only for the visitors and organizers, but also for the area where the festival is traditionally held. We are glad and appreciate that the difficult situation did not result in any tragedies or losses of lives like at the biggest Slovak festival Pohoda a few years ago when, despite great organization, a tent collapsed during a big storm, killing a young person. Following this tragic event that we unfortunately happened to witness we commented that air fields were not the best spot to hold similar meetings and festivals.  We admire all those who have the courage to organize festivals at open spaces such as air fields that are very vulnerable to elements. We would not have such courage and for various reasons would not use an air field with a vast open space to organize a festival. Large and flat areas are not only boring and sterile but also offering no protection for the large capacity tents in an event of strong winds.

What happened at Pohoda and now in Hradec Králové should be a challenge for us organizers of big festivals and similar events. Shouldn’t it warn us to back out from our grand plans with large tents and inspire us to suppress our desire to be the biggest and the best? Shouldn’t we resist the offers we get from big sponsors? Shouldn’t we rather give space to creativity that is not influenced by sponsors and money?

There might be some legal safety procedures coming or we might be forced to change without them. The economic slow down might result in smaller and more humble festivals. It is sad that if it happens, it will be not for beliefs but for other reasons…

Return of Faith No More under the mountains after 15 years...?

We are announcing to all those who were looking forward to the concert of then American band Faith No More, which in the end did not perform in Hradec Králové, that we have offered the band an alternative performance in the Czech Republic at the Open Air Festivalu in Trutnov, which will take place 16/8 – 19/8. The band already performed in Trutnov in 1997. This legendary gig during which the band also played 3 songs without lights determined the face of Czech and Slovak festivals since in the following year most summer festivals came out with overseas super bands and since then this feature has become an inseparable part of festival dramaturgy.

Let’s see if the band takes this opportunity and if the circumstances are in favor of it.  Faith No More could then perform among the Korn or John Cale from the Velvet Underground. We will keep you informed about how it goes.


Eva Navrátilová Lipová, Festival organizer and spokes person

Iva Černý vlas, Festival organizer

Martin Věchet, Geronimo, Festival founder and spokes person

Vladimír "Voloďa" Jůzl, Festival organizer

Radek Langhammer „Dlouhý kladivo“, Ex-organizer