For the first time, TrutnOFF welcomes Richard Muller with band and from New Zealand arrives Fat Freddys Drop. For Moravia comes girl folk group Rózinky of Kozojídky and dulcimer band from Horňácko.

Tam- Tams from the mountain rumble again ... TrutnOFF Open Air Festival plays with diversity and, just before we all set out on holiday, announces more program news. The music show with an Indian spirit and roots in the underground of the early eighties finally welcomes Richard Müller with the band. Traditional colourful mosaic will be completed with a New Zealand band Fat Freddy 's Drop, which will be making their first appearance in our country, girl group Rózinky of Kozojídky and Horňácká dulcimer band. This year’s Trutnoff Open Air Festival is dedicated to the would-be eightieth birthday of Chief Vaclav Havel and will take place in the usual “occupation” term of August 18th to 21st at the Trutnov “Battlefield”.  

TrutnOFF Open Air, the legendary festival under the mountains again enjoys diversity. Besides the previously announced spontaneous electro swing Parov Stelar, energetic Skunk Anansie with their wild singer Skin, popular singer-songwriter Jake Bugg and metal Soulfly and Fear Factory,  Richard Müller with band will finally visit the festival and enjoy its unique atmosphere. He arrives with a special festival program comprised of the biggest hits. The colourful mosaic will be completed with the band known especially by our western neighbours, where they are really well received – the slightly dance music Fat Freddy's Drop of New Zealand. Their performances are notoriously spontaneous, long and even ecstatic. They mix ethno elements with electronic and dance rhythms. For the first time arrives underground Kabaret of Dr.Caligari. And besides Richard Müller there will be festival premieres of anotherSlovak bands Puding paní Elvisovejand Queer Jane, which also symbolize the genre span of brotherly territories. Jablkoň or Michal Hrůza return after years, so does a girl folk ensemble Rózinky of Kozojídky, who became one of the darlings of the local audience last year, and the organizers had to unintentionally add another performance. These are all pieces of this year's “Bohemian Woodstock”, which would be hardly possible at another festival. “The program of this year's Pow-Wow will be even more diverse. Exactly how we love it and how our Chief used to. We are informal and diverse community and this music mosaic only reflects the overall spirit of the meeting. We continue the tradition of music and diversity of opinion. It may look odd, but everything has its place, context and justification,” says Martin Věchet, the founder and one of the creators of Trutnoff program.

Richard Müller with band

Richard Müller is already a Czechoslovak music legend, and as we know, such legends belong here and always enjoy warm reception. Petr Novák, Waldemar Matuška, Ivan Mládek, Pavel Bobek, Marta Kubišová, Václav Neckář, Jiří Suchý and Eva Pilarová are the proof of this. Their performances are engraved into hides of our tee-pee and into tribal chronicles. What happens to the one generation lyricist, composer, musician, singer and personality of both pre-revolution and post-revolution music scene, who a decade ago announced the end of his career to return to the concert stage after a few years will be a surprise. Trying to introduce Richard Müller is like carrying coal to Newcastle. He collaborated with a popular Czech creative pair Hapka and Horáček, whose album “The pension World” is part of Czech music history and where he sang his hit Happiness is a beautiful thing. Michal Horáček is also the author of the text to one of Müller's biggest hits Heart like of Prince Rohan. “We have heard requests to invite Richard for so many years and now we are therefore doing so. Despite slight initial doubts today, we believe Richard will have much struggle to break the ice and most of his songs will be sung our camp for him. He will make the battlefield sing – the same audience that few hours before will be swirling to metal rhythms. Twists and turns of his life make him a close buddy to us and a few years ago we were actually talking about his performance with our Chief. It was a time when Rišo returned to the stage after a long time after his rebirth,” says Martin Věchet. “Let's set out with Richard, take the stairs into the past and hopefully the weather will be in our favour and “loving in the rain” will be only in the lyrics,” say the organizers.

Dance-freak fatty with his tribe – who are Fat Freddy's Drop of New Zealand?

New Zealand dance blizzard Fat Freddy's Drop has repeatedly swept over European stages, unfortunately just to the west. But this year in the month of grain this is going to change and Fat Freddy's Drop will visit us for the first time. Where to place them? TrutnOFF is open to new and original modern trends and the New Zealand band proves it. Their music is a mix of jazz, soul, hip hop, reggae, classical music, rhythm & blues, disco and house music and post-punk. It is also spiced up with a slightly alien and remote touch. If it is difficult to imagine, then you need to visit our foothill Pow-Wow and famous Trutnoff red ground - this band needs to be seen and heard live. Their live performances are highly rated at home in New Zealand, but also in America and Western Europe. The band played both at small and big festivals around the world, in London they sold out a venue for 10 thousand spectators and their specific music attracts different groups of people and alternatively minded people across continents. Their latest album Bays, which was released last year, was almost all created during live performances at festivals and solo concerts. And what was their desire for TrutnOFF festival? To be able to play at least ninety minutes. And we're happy to make their wish come true. And we also believe that their music will please not only our hearts and minds.

Let dulcimer sound! It fulfils colourful Trutnoff with tradition

Dulcimer bands participation has also already become a tradition and Trutnoff special. Also this year we can look forward to the arrival of Horňácká dulcimer music of Petr Mička, which is known, for example, for their joint performances with the swing and big band orchestra Melody Makers of Ondřej Havelka. “This year there will be even more dulcimer bands and they will take a bigger part and be even more visible at the entire festival. Their refuge will be in the Underground tent, the backstage or in the extended tent of the Václav Havel Library. Individual bands are from different regions of Moravia, and they will be immediately recognizable by their different costumes and with more careful listening also by different music style and lyrics. But above all, they will alternately or together mingle through the entire festival camp to end their journey on one of the stages in one of the tents,” reveals Marta Indian Věchetová.

Tickets: 10+1, camp FREE. NEW e-tickets!

Tickets can be ordered at  Current price is 1,400 skins, order 10 tickets and get 1 free. Newly you can purchase tickets in a form of an e-ticket, which just makes it all easier. On sale are also one day tickets for the last festival day, i.e. Sunday when the festival will be closed by one of the main stars Parov Stelar, just like last year the Prodigy did. Fat Freddy's Drop have their gig on the same day, too.

Camping and parking in our foothill camp is free!

“So, hopefully we will enjoy the sun and all other gifts offered by this friendly meeting under the mountains.“ See You Later...!