Trutnoff Open Air will host The Prodigy! The festival also knows its date.

Traditional and oldest festival of its kind Trutnoff Open Air Festival knows the date. It will take place on August 20th to 23rd and at the same time its organizers also announce the headline band of this year's meeting. It will be, for many fans of this iconic festival perhaps surprisingly, the British band The Prodigy.



"With the snow melting in the mountains we are drumming out that The Prodigy will come into our camp. This iconic band that was ahead of its time will be both the culmination and a shamanic and wild ending of this year's meeting. The Prodigy once again pushes the boundaries of the festival and extends its range. It may be surprising for some, but we believe that their rhythms will find their place in the hearts of many and be taken to their homes around the country and beyond its territory long after, "says the festival founder Martin Věchet Geronimo. His words can be supported by three published songs from the long-awaited album that will be released by The Prodigy on March 30th under the title The Day Is My Enemy. "In five days the band is releasing a new album after six long years and the first three published recordings give you goose bumps. They definitely do not indicative any outdated rhythms. The song Nasty Nasty is already destined and doomed to become a hit and other pieces are catching up, too. The new recordings suggest a return to the roots and they are so energetically hard that Krakonos´s stove in the mountains is really about to break. I am myself really excited. It can be expected that our land will shake in its foundations and the festival grounds will be coloured from the shamanic moccasins and beaten with rhythms more than ever. The electronic pioneers Prodigy came with their innovative sound at a time when many could only dream of combining electronics with live instruments and harsh sound. Today they are a cult band which was ahead of its time, "adds the founder of the festival that used to be scattered by the State police in the first years. 

The Prodigy is also the most expensive band ever performing in the long history of Trutnoff Festival, also called the Czech Woodstock. In the summer, the band will play at large prestigious festivals in Europe and Asia as the main headliner and at the fourth weekend in August, at the end of the holiday season, is coming under the mountains to Trutnoff Open Air Festival.

In the last twenty-five years, The Prodigy pioneered the lonely path of electronic dance music. During all this time the band remained exclusively focused on its own vision and on its way it inspired countless artists. Their live performances are full of energy and lighting effects, in which they take electronic beats into unmapped territories.

The Prodigy performances may be a hint of a brief idea on what other ways the legendary festival could take in the future. "Shamans from The Prodigy will test whether only the park complex has enough capacity to accommodate bigger bands and welcome a wider audience. The actual town park, where there is the main stage, actually makes up only a quarter of the entire festival. The remaining almost three-quarters were designated an industrial area for future development by the town council, "says Marta Indian Věchetová.

The cheapest tickets can now be ordered on the festival website or email address, their price is CZK 1,200 with cash on delivery. Order ten tickets and get eleventh free.

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