Trutnov Woodstock is announcing the Thursday programme. It will start with a worship and Frodo the Hobbit. Popular Triggerfinger and modern-day dance hippies Crystal Fighters will perform, too

We are drumming out and announcing the first day programme. Trutnoff Woodstock starts on Thursday, August 14th by an ecumenical worship and festival will be opened by  the Hobbit Frodo from the movies Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, the famous American actor Elijah Wood. "He will first greet the whole festival in a tribal ceremony and then ceremonially start it. Then he will make his way into the Underground tent of Ivan M. Jirous where he will not wiggle his ears but mix his records. It will be an unexpected party and we will gladly join in the hobbit feast and dance," outlines the programme of this precious visitor Geronimo, who founded the festival thirty years ago. Elijah Wood arrives with the project Wooden Wisdom & DJ Fitz. A few more foreign bands are performing on the first day, too, such as Belgian rockers in bags Triggerfinger, modern-day dance hippies from Spain and London Crystal Fighters, but also some Czech legends - Michal Prokop a Framus Five or punk Visací zámek. The gates of the magical planet on the battlefield will open at 4PM and two hours later the main stage will start grooving.  


Although it is an established tradition and one of the characteristic features of the old man of festivals that we do not announce the time schedule and the order of the bands performing each day, we always make an exception regarding the first festival day. We honour moments of surprise and the pleasure of meeting, therefore for years our co-warriors and squaw have been learning about the program on the spot from the Festival samizdat.

Thursday is the first day of the festival and thus an exception. It's an amazing day, imbued with energy created by expectations of the things to come. People greet each other and take pleasure from the reunion. Girls are fragrant and the air is full of expectations.

An outstanding ecumenical worship - first time in our lands


The festival will open by special ecumenical worship, unrivalled in our country. For the first time it will connect Christian pastors of the Catholic, Evangelical and Hussite Church with the Hare Krishna movement, committed to Eastern religions and the Vedic culture. Religious service will be lead by the Catholic priest Ladin Heryán. We will not only sing but the whole liturgy will be tailored to that specific link. It will be a service for the four days of peace and friendship, and also a thanksgiving and Holy Communion served by a known underground Catholic priest Ladin Heryán, who served during the funeral Mass for the underground guru Ivan Martin Jirous, and the Hussite Church Bishop from Slovakia Juraj Doval.

Czech legends and Hobbit Frodo and his awaited party

Musicalbeginning of Trutnoff festival will have a sharp start. After the service there will be a gig of the punk legend Visací zámek. The relative calm will be then brought in by Michal Prokop and Framus Five. After that the festival will be started on the main stage by Frodo the Hobbit, who will take part in a tribal ceremony and greet the festival. The American actor Elijah Wood will arrive with records in his case to throw a Hobbit party in the underground tent. "Frodo left his land and set out for the iconic meeting among trees and good grasses, which faces expulsion from itsoriginal territory. He left Mordor and placed himself behind record players. It is part of Hobbit temperament to make fun and entertain others and it is well known that Hobbits enjoy festivities and parties. Frodo is coming to participate at such a party that is held to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the festival. He will not spin the ring but records,“ says with a smile, referring to the book by JRR Tolkien an Indian-woman and tribal chief’s daughter Marta. Elijah showed interest in the festival and its history and he also likes Patti Smith, who is also performing at this music festival. More extensive interview with the famous actor can be found on the spot in the festival samizdat. What will Frodo alias Elijah Wood leave the festival with remains hidden under a blanket of an old medicine man. What is certain is that Elijah Wood arrives with the project Wooden Wisdom & DJ Fitz.

Triggerfinger - do not forget your whistle


After the Hobbit the main stage will welcome the first foreign band that can be seen at all the major European festivals and that is better known beyond the borders of our territories than here - Triggerfinger. The band comes from Belgium and it is not easy to classify their style. "It's a band that overwhelmed us two years ago. And it was clear! Beyond the borders of our territories popular and well-known, but in our lands like a virgin. It is as when a school teacher plays to his pupils; they devour him with their eyes and ears while his guitar is sending out raw and catchy tones and his aging body is producing a teenage-like voice line. Great! And do not forget to whistle during the song I Follow Rivers," sounds from our wigwam. The basis of their style is classic rock, in which we can find elements of hard, sometimes blues or dance music. The three of them manage to create quite a lot of music and one thing is certain - no matter what happens, these guys are always pretty damn smart. In our lands the band performed only once in the fall of 2011 as a support of their neighbours from the Netherlands Within temptation.

CrystalFighters - dancing modern-day hippies


Also the second foreign band of Trutnoff Thursday is difficult to classify because the genre itself mixes several styles. Modern-day dance hippies, lively Spanish Basques Crystal Fighters, who settled in London, crisscross the planet with traditional Basque folklore grafted onto the rhythms of contemporary electronics and sharp guitars. Crystal Fighters - Southern summer, temperament and energy. Are we going to dance around the shamanic fires till the morning dawn, we ask? "Let's forget everything and choose love!" Crystal Fighters have the answer.

Step by step the programme in the underground tent of I.M. Jirous will also start and we will be able to see for example the alternative Fru Fru, Matěj Ptazsek with his Good morning blues as well as the jam session formation, including Blues Mystery Blues and Stocker One Band. After Please The Trees the evening will be concluded with the expected - unexpected Party, in which Elijah Wood, the movie Frodo, will not wiggle his hobbit ears but to mix his records.


Looking forward… Hoka hej!

THURSDAY: Main stage
16:00 Gates of the magical planet open
18:00 Ecumenical worship for four days of peace and friendship with thanksgiving and Holy Communion

19:00 Visací zámek
20:25 Michal Prokop & Framus Five
21:45 HOBIT Frodo comes to greet the foothill tribe
22:15 Triggerfinger
00:00 Crystal Fighters


20:00 Start -  opening concerts from various territories
Fru Fru
Matěj Ptaszek & jam session with Blues Mystery and Stocker One Band
Please The Trees

Awaited party:

HOBIT FRODO Elijah Wood - Wooden Wisdom & Dj Fitz