Trutnov Woodstock begins with a mass and puts more detail in its colorful mosaic - Wabi Daněk, Plastic People of the Universe, David Koller, Debustrol and punks.

With the end of the month of the storms and the sixth day of the month of the grain, the famous and iconic Trutnov Open Air Festival, which begins in one week, puts more detail in its colorful mosaic. Czech Woodstock will be held on the 15th to the 18th of August and it will begin with an ecumenical service. You will hear prayers for four peaceful days of the festival of peace and for the victims of the violent post-war expulsion, whom this twenty-sixth annual festival is dedicated to. The first day will be opened by the white blues king John Mayall. The festival will be toughened by the trash-metal Debustrol and a punk band Visací zámek, but there will be even tramp songs performed by a traditionally untraditional guest, the bard of the Czech folk and country music Wabi Daňek. The festival will also welcome David Koller, who will play with his band as well as drum with Jasná páka. During the festival, there will be a debate with the surviving victims, journalists and historians on the subject of the German expulsion. There will also be screenings of documentary films by David Vondráček, as well as a debate "How to fight corruption” with an anti-corruption fund founder Karel Janeček.

Dewon foothill teepee -  "country" singer Wabi Daňek will perform among punk bands

Anunusual appearance of this year will be represented by the performance of the bard of country, folk and tramp songs and a former ambulance driver Wabi Daněk, who is going to perform both as a solo artist and together with his band Devil’s herd. The band is formed of young musicians with whom he recorded a classic tramp music CD of the same name. Experienced musicians were accompanied for example by Radůza and Devil's herd gave their arrangements an almost Waits-like atmosphere. Combining a country singer with young musicians created something that can be described as alternative country music. Wabi the Devil's herd, who will perform right after the Winnetou and Nsho-Tshi appearance on the stage, will be one of this year's unusual and exceptional performances, since Wabi does not perform at rock or underground festivals. It follows the tradition of inviting unusual guests that began in the mid-nineties with the performance of back then forgotten Banjo Band Ivana Mládka and continued up to the Queen Eva Pilarová. Our conspiracy meeting is famous for its unusual guests. In the mid-90s the festival welcomed Petr Novák, who did not perform at festivals at all. Comedian Felix Holzman spoke at the same stage as Faith No More. However, the milestone performances were those of Waldemar Matuška, Marta Kubišová or Eva Pilarová, which have become a phenomenon. It can be expected that Wabi Daněk´s country anthems will unforgettably enter the history, together with the Sioux war cry over the battlefield from the Little Big Horn. 

Bojiště will resonate withtramp Jipíjajéj, but also punk, Indian Wakan-Tanka and Winnetou Hoka Hey

Besides the tramp songwriter Wabi Daněk, Trutnov will also welcome the punk three-leaf-clover The Damned, Toy Dolls and Marky Ramone, together with the Czech punk legends Visací zámek and NVÚ. David Koller will not only drum with Jasná páka, but also perform with his own band and he will not forget to play the well known Lucie hits. Blanka Šrůmová with her band the Garden Party will have a festival premiered this year and we will also welcome Ester Kočičková and Ogari. Zuzana Homolová, a member of the folk band Šafrán, will have a premiere at the Czech Woodstock, too. Petr Maria Lutka, a songwriter from the formation Šafrán, returns under the mountains after twenty-three years. He even remembers the beginnings of Trutnov Woodstock. Tranquil waters will be stirred up by the trash-metal rhythms of Debustrol or the crisp hard-rock and roll band Malignant Tumour, who are also going to perform in Trutnov for the first time. J. H. Krchovský with Krch-Off Band will bring some underground raw poetics into the darkened tent of IMM Jirous. Actor Oldřich Kaiser will performan extraordinary show with a former dissident and songwriter Dáša Vokatá. This popular actor will also be seen on all stages informally reading IM Magor Jirous poems, taking over the baton from his friend and colleague Jiří Lábus, who did the same last year. Other musicians invited to a ceremony under the mountains are Ivan Hlas or a long haired group Vítkovo kvarteto. One of the remarkable additions is also a reformed band Jazz Q of Martin Kratochvíl with Vajco Deczi on drums and Oscar Petr. They will perform on the first day of the festival alongside John Mayall. On Thursday the 15th of August, the king of white blues John Mayall, whose performance in Trutnov will be the first open-air performance in our country is opening the twenty-sixth festival meeting year.

Festival with an opinion

It is known that the festival meeting is not just about music, but also opinion. This year we decided to dedicate the festival to the victims of the violent post-war expulsion. The underground tent of IMM Jirous will be the home of various discussions and meetings - with historians, journalists, artists and the surviving victims. Just to name a few interesting people that are coming: journalist Petruška Šustrová, representatives of civic association Antikomplex or filmmaker David Vondráček. He brings his two films - Killing the Czech way and Tell, where the dead are. The central topic of the first of them is an event in the North Bohemian Postoloprty where the soldiers of the Czechoslovak army and Revolutionary Guards shot 763 German civilians just a month after the war. The second documentary looks for crimes during the so-called wild expulsions of Germans in the period immediately after the Second World War in various places of our country. In the underground tent of I.M.M. Jirous, there will also be discussion on the topic “How to fight corruption" with the founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund and the co-owner of DOX gallery Karel Janeček.

One of the traditional introductory ecumenical masses on the Trutnov stage will be served by the Catholic priest Monsignor Anton Otte of the German Catholic community Ackermann Gemeinde, who comes from a family expelled from the Sudetenland.

Tickets at the best price of CZK 980 can be purchased by Sunday 11/8 on the festival website. Buy 10, get one more free.