We are drumming out further bands.
The foothill Czech Woodstock camp will be visited by the punk YELLOWCARD and alternative dEUS. Together with KORN they complete the traditional variety of the Krkonoše foothill mosaic.

We are drumming out that American band Korn will be accompanied by other bands. The punk band Yellowcard and alternative dEUS will be playing at “the Battlefield” in the month of grain and ripening grasses, on the 16th to 19th of August. They will complete the traditional mosaic of variety, exactly as our Chief used to like it. This year’s  25th year of the oldest and not only musical meeting of its kind is dedicated In memoriam to our Chief Václav Havel and the Underground Guru Ivan Martin Jirous. They both used to be welcomed and regular festival visitors.

Yellowcard – an unhackneyed band

American band Yellowcard has performed in the Czech Republic only once, last year in Prague during their tour. Even though they were formed 15 years ago, this year’s performance will be their first Czech festival gig and we are pleased to bring this unhackneyed band. Alike The Subways a few years ago, who introduced themselves here under the mountains. The Yellowcard is a band that has not played here much and one could not see or hear them much. The Yellowcard boys come from Florida’s most populated city – Jacksonville. They gained popularity 5 years after their foundation, in 2003 through their album Ocean Avenue. Their punk music is enhanced with electronic violin and we would like to warn you that their live performances are usually much rougher than their studio recordings. As it sometimes is with some bands, their albums tend to sound softer, but the concerts are hard and full of energy.  We believe that no moccasin will stay motionless and that you will support the band with your hectic dancing and return of energy. A single from their new album is currently being released and the band is getting praises from friends, critics and fans.

dEUS – the best Belgian band with love for alternative things under the mountains

dEUS were founded in Antwerp in 1992, based on a small but lively alternative music scene.   Their music reflects various influences from musicians such as Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth, Leonard Cohen or Smashing Pumpkins. What appealed to us will hopefully appeal to you, too – dEUS can combine features that might seem inhomogeneous and create fascinating musical mosaic. Music critics praise this, and so do both alternative and non-alternative fans and music lovers across Europe, which is unusual. dEUS produce music that crosses music styles and tones and creates a dazzling kaleidoscope. Their debut “Worst Case Scenario” from 1994 greeted the unaware world with its punk sound in “Suds & Soda“. Then in 1996 their probably the most famous album “In a Bar under the Sea“followed. This album was produced by Eric “Drew“Feldman, a Captain Beefheart Magic Band veteran, who had also played in a PJ Harvey band and with The Pixies.

In 2000, the main soul of the band Tom Barman decided to give the band a break to allow the members focus on other activities. A short break ended up in 4 years when the band only had an occasional gig now and then. Before Xmas 2004 their return became reality. “We were all really busy and the years were flying, “Tom Barman remarked later. “However, we realised that in rock music a few years is like ages. The reaction of people after our return was amazing. We played at many venues in front of a larger audience. It was more than we had expected.“

The album “Pocket Revolution” from 2005 offers a convincing return. After a year of sold out gigs Barman and his cronies with the love for all alternative and underground returned back to work. The song “Vantage Point” also features Guy Garvey of Elbow and Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife. “dEUS have reached new heights with their sixth album,“ this is what a prestigious British music magazine Q remarked and rewarded the recording with 4 out of 5 stars.

“After a while you are sick of singing about yourselves…“ Tom Barman said regarding the songs on their new album “Vantage Point.” In songs like “Slow” and “The Architect” I am writing about other people, which I had never tried before. One day I was preparing an interview for a Belgian TV with one of my heroes Nick Cave. He told me: “It is too easy to write about oneself.” That is really true. It is exciting to try new ideas.

Sofar the last album “Keep You Close, “ recorded with a Canadian producer David Bottrill (Muse, Placebo, Tool etc.) was released in September last year. According to Tom Barman it is a passionate record, but also a dance one. The band has last scored in November 2011 at the MTV Europe Music Awards, where it won “the best Belgian band” award. The new chapter of their career might be even better than the first one.