We are announcing the programme of the Thursday unofficial festival opening. It will be unusual - Festival will be started by ecumenical service. We invite all co-warriors to Prepare Magor´s poems

As you know, the festival meeting - Open Air Trutnov, will take place from Thursday 16th of August till Sunday 19th and is dedicated to the Chief Václav Havel and the Underground guru Ivan Martin “Magor” Jirous In Memoriam. The knowledgeable ones know that the schedule of the festival is traditionally not revealed in advance, because we honour the moment of meeting and surprise. The exception proves the rule, however, and so every year we uncover at least the program of the first unofficial festival day.

Gates of the transcendental planet called Open Air Music Festival “TRUTNOV 1987 – 2012” will open on Thursday 16th at 4 PM. The programme on the main stage will start at 6 PM, and it will be somewhat unusual. There will be an Ecumenical worship service. This year's festival meeting is going to be different in many ways, even just by the fact that for the first time it will be held without our great chiefs - Chief Václav and the Underground guru Martin Magor. For the first time in the quarter century of its existence, the festival will launch with be opened with a spoken word with a spiritual message, moreover, the word of God. Our chiefs departed into astral hunting grounds; therefore the beginning of the festival is going to be unusual. The service will begin the first two days and we all will honour the memory of Václav Havel and Martin “Magor” Jirous. The festival unofficially opens on Thursday by an ecumenical service. It will be served by the traditional “festival priest” Ladislav Heryán, a Catholic priest who buried Martin Jirous. Worship will be served in conjunction with the parish priest of Slovak origin of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church Juraj Doval.

The Thursday musical part will be opened by Čankišoufrom Brno, which will also close the festival on Sunday at midnight with the participation of several drummers, including Pavel Fajt. The circle will thus close.

The stage will then be handed to the legendary singer Michal Prokop and his Framus Five. Adam Cohen, the son of the legendary songwriter Leonard Cohen, will certainly strikes many a heart with his charisma and music. The energetic neo-punk Anti-Flag, whose appearance at the festival three years ago was so impressive and powerful that we decided to invite them again this year will follow. We are expecting the popular jumping off stage into the audience! At the end of Thursday´s programme there will be a little taste of Friday´s programme on the second stage - Jessie Evans, neither who is a festival newcomer. The program will then continue in the Underground tent of Ivan Martin “Magor” Jirous with a gig of the psychedelic band The Flying Eyes, which is also known to Trutnov audience.

Thursday 16/08

Main stage:
18:00 Mass for the Chief Václav and the Underground Guru Martin “Magor”
18:45 Čankišou
20:05 Michal Prokop & Framus Five
21:30 Adam Cohen (CAN)
23:00 Anti-Flag (USA)
00:30 Introducing: Jessie Evans (USA)

Underground tent Ivan Martin "Magor" Jirous
19:00 Michael Šeps & Band
21:00 The Flying Eyes
22:30 Are We Done Yet
00:30 Vlasta Redl
02:30 Bata and Kalábůf gentle beat


As usual, all other is to be found in the Festival samizdat. As our faithful squaws, co-warriors and trackers know, we honour the moment of surprise and meeting as a whole. We honour the spirit, which is a significant part of the conspiracy meeting, as our Chief said. Our camp is not visited only for the individual bands. To top it all up, it is the best to get on when the train is starting slowly and get of when it is slowly braking. Moreover, even the clumsiest squaw would feel embarrassed, if you started to remove ingredients given by the Mother Earth from her soup. It always tastes the best as a whole. Pulling something out decreases its strength and flavour.

“Those among you, brothers and sisters, who would like to actively remember the underground tribe chief Ivan Martin Jirous, so called Magor, may do so by preparing one of his poems of their choice. These poems will be connected into a stream of recitation that will flow during breaks. Perhaps this way we will at least partially succeed to mend the hole that remains after Magor´s departure. Greetings from the one who speaks with an owl,” says one of the festival founders Frantisek Čuňas Stárek, who is also the Underground tent moderator.

Looking forward...