For the first time, TrutnOFF welcomes Richard Muller with band and from New Zealand arrives Fat Freddys Drop. For Moravia comes girl folk group Rózinky of Kozojídky and dulcimer band from Horňácko.


Tam- Tams from the mountain rumble again ... TrutnOFF Open Air Festival plays with diversity and, just before we all set out on holiday, announces more program news. The music show with an Indian spirit and roots in the underground of the early eighties finally welcomes Richard Müller with the band. Traditional colourful mosaic will be completed with a New Zealand band Fat Freddy 's Drop, which will be making their first appearance in our country, girl group Rózinky of Kozojídky and Horňácká dulcimer band. This year’s Trutnoff Open Air Festival is dedicated to the would-be eightieth birthday of Chief Vaclav Havel and will take place in the usual “occupation” term of August 18th to 21st at the Trutnov “Battlefield”.


více zde...

TrutnOFF is adding Skunk Anansie, The Dreadnoughts and “the present time Tom Waits” Ben Caplan. One of the domestic headliners is Stromboli.


With the Children's Day we traditionally drum out more bands coming both from overseas and domestic territories. The fresh electro swing Parov Stelar, the industrial metal Fear Factory and the popular singer-songwriter Jake Bugg will be completed with alternative rock of the legendary Skunk Anansie with the vigorously agile singer Skin. Besides the British Skunk Anansie, the program will also include a few performers from Canada, i.e. a folk- punk band The Dreadnoughts and a well-bearded Ben Caplan, evoking Tom Waits in his early days. He could actually become one of the unexpected surprises and peaks of the alternative festival rank. We recommend listening to him. The domestic headliners will include Stromboli, among others. TrutnOFF Open Air will take place on “the battlefield” in the usual "occupation" term of August 18th to 21st and it will be dedicated to the would-be 80th birthday of Chief Václav Havel.


více zde...

TrutnOFF is getting heavier. Krakonoš will have the lids on his pots jumping up again. We can be looking forward to a metal band Fear Factory and Jaroslav Uhlíř, too.


After the exaggerated wave of interest around the “moccasins vs. low shoes” meeting during the filming of the documentary film “Milda” and with the ending of blossoming flowers month we are announcing more bands, this time also from the metal and folk world. The previously announced singer Jake Bugg and fresh electro swing Parov Stelar will be accompanied by a metal band Fear Factory on one hand and Jaroslav Uhlíř on another. We are also announcing more domestic bands. Open Air Festival TrutnOFF, or the Czech Woodstock, as our oldest gathering of its kind in the country is also dubbed, will take place in the foothill camp of Bojiště from August 18th to 21st. This year’s festival is dedicated to the would-be 80th birthday of Chief Václav Havel and it will be launched on Thursday, August 18th, by one of its stars, a popular British singer-songwriter Jake Bugg and his band. Ticket now costs 1,400 frog skins and can be ordered HERE.

více zde...

We are announcing another of the main bands. The moccasins of the squaw and warriors in the foothill camp at Na Bojišti will be made to dance by the electro swing Parov Stelar.


The last remains of snow are disappearing from the mountains and that is the time when our foothill tribe drums out another of the main bands of this year’s Pow-Wow, TrutnOFF Open Air Festival. The festival is taking place in the traditional term of 18th to 21st August. “The hearts of the tribe squaws and warriors in our foothill camp will be pleased and the moccasins will be made to dance by a group that dressed their style in elegant tuxedos and swing dance halls of the thirties - the electro swing Parov Stelar. We are announcing the group, which is currently at its peak and very popular both in our lands and abroad," sounds from our mountain and southern wigwams. Traditional music festival is dedicated to the 80th birthday of our Chief Václav Havel and begins on Thursday, August 18th, when it will be opened by another star Jake Bugg at 7 o'clock in the evening.  

více zde...

The TrutnOFF festival under the mountains will unconventionally open with one of its main stars from the good old England - "cheeky" and shy young man with a guitar from Sherwood Forest, JAKE BUGG, also known as the successor to Bob Dylan


The first co-warrior, the first yellow message, a youngster from Sherwood Forest from the town of Robin Hood! In recent days we have drummed out this year's first star, and now, with your permission, we are sending it to you. It will be currently one of the most popular singers of the good old England celebrating success at home, in Western Europe and overseas, often said to be the successor to Bob Dylan, JAKE BUGG. He is also going to open our whole Pow- Wow on August 18th. It will be the first time that one of the main bands opens the late summer foothill meeting. Additionally, it will be Jake's premier festival appearance in our lands. Jake Bugg will also present his new album filled with contemporary music, which is nevertheless based on the roots that this festival has sprang from, too.


více zde...

Wakan-Tanka sounds again above the foothill camp!


TrutnOFF is happening and we also know the term! Even though it seemed that the "Old man of all festivals," as the oldest show of its kind in the country is nicknamed, would stay silent and let the land, sacred soil, us and you rest for one year, it was finally decided that everything would be different. TrutnOFF Open Air festival with exceptional tradition, turbulent history and present, will be held in the traditional term of August 18th to 21st. The insiders know that the festival is unique also thanks to the fact that every year it is dedicated to someone or something or that it  responds to current social affairs. This year will be no different. 


více zde...

Festival Trutnoff is releasing the first day program. This year’s premiere is waiting for the Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu, and the entire meeting will be opened by worship and the loudest Czech band Boron known from morning wake up calls.


The oldest show of its kind Trutnoff Open Air Festival, which will be held from August 20th to 23rd, traditionally does not publish the time schedule or even a list of bands playing each individual day. In the case of the first day, however, we make an exception and partly reveal the secrets of this festive gathering. The festival will host about ninety bands including the British Prodigy, Subways, metal Gojira, noble Ondřej Havelka and a dulcimer band from Moravia. First time visitors will be welcomed by organizers with bread and salt and vegetarian borscht.

více zde...

We are adding more bands. Trutnoff will welcome British the Subways and for the first time in history our territories will be fiercely swooped by the Cossack cavalry without sabres - Kozak System. It will be a wild ride through our camp


Trutnoff festival, magical meeting which will be held in less than three weeks on 20th  to 23rd  August, will welcome a young British rock band The Subways, who had their domestic debut before our wigwams in 2008. Just seven years ago we first introduced this sharp band to Czech squaw and co-warriors. Meanwhile, the number of their fans has multiplied and their popularity both at home and in Europe has risen steeply. Subways are among the gems of the big music gigs and ever since they first appeared at Trutnoff festival, their concerts have almost always nearly sold out. The invitation to our meeting was accepted with pleasure and we very quickly made an agreement. It was felt that they wanted to return to our camp, and we look forward to seeing them. Subways will complement the flavour of this year's colourful mosaic and together with Prodigy and metal Gojira will serve as energetic and sharp wild spices. They will be the imaginary icing on the cake. We believe that they will surprise even the wild Cossacks without sabre – the band Kozak System.


více zde...


více zde...

Exactly a month...


Exactly a month this time starts magical meeting . Who let the experienced tells the evenings with campfires novices . We look forward to ... see you later ...

více zde...

Trutnoff Open Air is breaking its tradition by putting day tickets into sale while enjoying diversity. Besides Prodigy or a metal band Gojira will also play a dulcimer band and a girl band from Kozojídky.


Legendary Trutnoff Open Air festival, which takes place 20th to 23rd August is breaking one of its traditions. With the arrival of the holiday season and for the first time since 1990, we are selling a limited number of day tickets. The tickets are for the day when the headliner of the festival the British Prodigy is playing. Besides Prodigy and the recently announced metal band Gojira the festival will also welcome a folk girl band Raisins from Kozojídky, Horňácká dulcimer band of the bandmaster Peter Mička, Wabi Daněk or Ondřej Havelka with his swing orchestra. The festival was also presented to the wide public in the last part of the Czech Television series Phenomenon Underground aired by TV Art, premiering on Friday 26/6 at 20:20 under the title Woodstock Attempt. "The icing of the cake," we say with exaggeration. You can see it on Czech TV website here: www.fenomenunderground.cz.

více zde...

Metal Gojira and a nymph with the violin. Trutnoff Open Air summer meeting is toughening up and announcing top five Czech headliners.


With the Children's Day, at the end of the month of seedlings and flowering trees we are toughening up a bit. Gojira, the French leaders of modern metal are coming as a proof that new views and fresh air can also come from the land of the Celts, Franks and Gallic Rooster. They are no orthodox head bangers but a modern metal band. Gojira shows new directions that one of the offshoots of metal could take.

více zde...

TrutnOFF reveals fresh faces. For the first time, the Czech lands will welcome a representative of Hasidic reggae, an iconic American Jewish singer Matisyahu and a pop punk band New Found Glory


It is May. And in the month of blossoming flowers we reveal fresh faces and another part of the program. We are inviting bands that have never performed in our territories before. Besides the headliners The Prodigy, whose new album reaps more than positive feedback from the fans and the critics alike, TrutnOFF Open Air Festival will for the first time welcome probably the best known American Jewish reggae singer under the sun, the cult Matisyahu. The Czech premiere is also vaiting for the pop punk pioneers New Found Glory. Trutnoff Festival will be held 20th to 23rd August 2015, and this year it is dedicated to the freedom of Ukraine, the victims of the Holocaust and religious tolerance

více zde...

TrutnOFF festival will be dedicated to the freedom of Ukraine, victims of the Holocaust and religious tolerance. The Prince also expressed support. We are also drumming out the Czech bands that will play at the festival for the first time.


It is May. And in these May days, inspired by the scent of flowering trees, we are drumming out this dedication. It has become a tradition that every year the legendary Trutnoff Open Air Festival is dedicated to someone or something. It is one of the things that differ us from other music events. Usually, you can also see performers that you would not see elsewhere on the same stage, as the Chief used to say. This year will be no different.

Trutnoff Festival will be held on August 20th to 23rd and it will be dedicated to the freedom of Ukraine, victims of the Holocaust and religious tolerance. We announce the first lot of Czech bands, some of which have never performed in our camp and have not been kissed by the red soil. They will be playing at the festival for the first time. They will thus perform alongside the already announced British band The Prodigy, whose new album receives more than positive feedback. The foothill ground will tremble ...

více zde...

Trutnoff Open Air will host The Prodigy! The festival also knows its date.


Traditional and oldest festival of its kind Trutnoff Open Air Festival knows the date. It will take place on August 20th to 23rd and at the same time its organizers also announce the headline band of this year's meeting. It will be, for many fans of this iconic festival perhaps surprisingly, the British band The Prodigy.

více zde...


více zde...

Trutnov Woodstock is announcing the Thursday programme. It will start with a worship and Frodo the Hobbit. Popular Triggerfinger and modern-day dance hippies Crystal Fighters will perform, too


We are drumming out and announcing the first day programme. Trutnoff Woodstock starts on Thursday, August 14th by an ecumenical worship and festival will be opened by  the Hobbit Frodo from the movies Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, the famous American actor Elijah Wood. "He will first greet the whole festival in a tribal ceremony and then ceremonially start it. Then he will make his way into the Underground tent of Ivan M. Jirous where he will not wiggle his ears but mix his records. It will be an unexpected party and we will gladly join in the hobbit feast and dance," outlines the programme of this precious visitor Geronimo, who founded the festival thirty years ago. Elijah Wood arrives with the project Wooden Wisdom & DJ Fitz. A few more foreign bands are performing on the first day, too, such as Belgian rockers in bags Triggerfinger, modern-day dance hippies from Spain and London Crystal Fighters, but also some Czech legends - Michal Prokop a Framus Five or punk Visací zámek. The gates of the magical planet on the battlefield will open at 4PM and two hours later the main stage will start grooving.


více zde...

For Camp or parking in our festival do not pay!



For Camp or parking on our festival you do not pay! It's FREE. For 11 days we will see You ...! 

See You in 11 days ...!

více zde...

Trutnoff completes the programme mosaic. Among the ones coming are the modern-day hippies Crystal Fighters, the Boban & Marko Markovič Brass Orchestra and the ethno-electronic NOHA


In the Indian summer immersed in the sunshine we complement the colourful mosaic of the festival programme. The Trutnoff Woodstock that was renamed to Trutnoff Open Air Festival this year, taking place from August 14th to 17th, is going to host the modern-day dance hippies, the vivid Spanish Basques Crystal Fighters, who settled in London and criss-cross our planet with traditional Basque folklore grafted with the rhythms of contemporary electronics and sharp guitars. The sun energy charged Balkan brass band known from Kusturica movies, i.e. the Boban i Marko Markovič Orchestra are coming, too, along with NOHA that is very popular in our lands. We believe that they will make our moccasins dance at our Pow-Wow in the month of grain and ripening grass. We look forward to it...

více zde...

Woodstock Trutnoff is getting heavier. Cradle of Filth and Kreator are coming


We are getting heavier. Metal bands Cradle of Filth and Kreator are coming under the mountains. It has become sort of a tradition that the Czech Woodstock, which will be held August 14th to 17th, welcomes not only alternative and underground bands and folk singers, but also heavy bands that seem as if from another world. They are well received, too, just like Jiří Schmitzer or the Queen of the festival Eva Pilarová. This time two bands arrive to vibrate our territory. Cradle of Filth and Kreator will try to shake the lids on Krakonoš´s pots and move the foundations of the new concrete structures that are taking over the festival meadows and slicing off its land. Legendary Kreator, which along Destruction and Sodom is one of the big three of German thrash metal, is known to everybody, at least by the name and from the patches with their logo. The Cradle concerts are a metal theatre, in addition with a Czech drummer, who had become a regular part of the band. Both bands have their stories, just like our festival meeting.

více zde...

Trutnoff will be opened by a Hobbit! Frodo is coming to the Czech Woodstock – Trutnoff. He will not wag his ears, but mix music and he shall open the whole festival


We are drumming out: The legendary Czech Woodstock - Trutnoff, which will be held on August 14th to 17th, will be visited by the Hobbit Frodo from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but also the pervert Kevin of the cult Tarantino and Rodriguez film the Sin City, the famous American actor Elijah Wood. He is bringing his records and he is going to greet and open the festival. After the last year's visit of the Apache chief Winnetou we are going to welcome a representative of the Hobbits from the Fellowship of the Ring. Frodo is going to first greet the festival in a tribal ceremony and then open it. Then he will make his way to the Underground tent of Ivana M. Jirous where he will not wag his ears but mix music from his records.  It will be an unexpected party and we will gladly join this hobbit feast and dance. It's another present to celebrate the thirty years of the festival. Elijah Wood arrives with the project Wooden Wisdom & DJ Fitz. Is Frodo also going to bring the magic ring?

více zde...

The Saharan nomads will pay a visit to the mountain foothills Trutnoff festival will be enriched by the legend of the desert blues, Tinariwen Saharan Tuaregs, and the throbbing heart of the band Lucie, David Koller.


Czech Woodstock - Trutnoff Open Air Festival, which will take place on August 14th to 17th, is completing its colourful mosaic with the Ethno sounds of Sahara as well as with a popular domestic singer and a drummer. “The foothill camp will be visited by a group of the Saharan nomads, a legend of the world music and the finest example of the desert blues, band Tinariwen, who after the riots in Mali swapped their Kalashnikovs for guitars. From our plains will arrive a throbbing heart of Lucie, David Koller, with his band. David will also play with his other band Jasná páka,” says the festival founder Martin Geronimo Věchet. The legendary festival is celebrating thirty years since its foundation this year and was renamed to Trutnoff.

více zde...

This year’s Trutnoff Festival will be dedicated to the victims at Sand Creek and the ideals of the 17th November ´89. It will be adorned with unusual concerts...


In the first half of the most beautiful month of the year, at the time of seedlings and flowering trees, we are drumming out this dedication and unusual concerts. This year's meeting will be dedicated to the victims at Sand Creek and the ideals of the 17th November. Wakan-Tanka!

The legendary Czech Woodstock festival - "Old man of all festivals", as it is sometimes overstated, has been renamed to Trutnoff Open Air and this year it will celebrate the thirty years since its birth. After last year's dedication to the displaced German inhabitants after World War II, this year will this not only musical event be dedicated to the events that influenced the festival at the times of its birth, i.e. Red Indians and the ideals of freedom. Despite the age-old problems and disputes with the representatives of the pale faces of the Trutnov Municipality, who designed the festival land for building, it will be held on August 14th to 17th on “the battlefield”. Festival will be adorned unusual concerts, so typical for the oldest music festival of its kind.

více zde...

Czech Woodstock is drumming out other bands and launches ticket . Trutnoff dance Ska -P.


"With the coming of spring in the month of crows we drummed out other bands of this August meeting. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the festival, our moccasins will be brought to dance by SKA -P. We believe that not one foot of the squaw and our co-warriors in the camp will remain at rest and after months of hunger it will please many a heart. „As you know, the oldest music festival renamed to Trutnoff Open Air - Czech Woodstock this year, due to the building up of the land on which it has been held for twenty-four years and will celebrate thirty years since its start. It will take place on August 14 to 17. We have also started ticket pre-sale. Ticket price is now CZK 1.100 and tickets are distributed on delivery. You can order them on the festival website or by email at vstupenky@festivaltrutnov.cz . As is already an age-old custom at Woodstock Trutnov, when ordering 10 tickets, the eleventh is free. This remains the same. In addition to the recently announced punk shaman Patti Smith, the Spanish Ska -P are another headline of this year's meeting in the foothills. 

více zde...

It happened ... Exactly 5 years ago, our Chief presented the U.S. President Barack Obama a gift – festival T-shirts...


April 8, 2009 15:47 | Lidovky.cz      
PRAGUE - President Barack Obama received a gift from the Chief of Trutnov music festival Václav Havel and his warriors. The T-shirt bears festival symbols and the image of the Chief of the dissident times.

více zde...

Trutnoff Open Air is drumming out the first foreign name - the legendary punk rocker, shaman and poet Patti Smith will perform “at the Battlefield” in August


The “between-the-festivals“ meeting “Trutnoff in Archa” with the eightieth birthday celebration of John Mayall at the Archa Theatre saw us drumming out the first Tam Tams with one of the major foreign names. This name is the charismatic punk shaman Patti Smith with the band!

We have also changed the name and celebrate. The oldest music festival in the country will celebrate its unofficial Thirty Years Anniversary - Trutnoff Open Air Festival will be held from the 14th to the 17th August.

více zde...

Czech Woodstock – Open Air Festival Trutnov is being re-named to Trutnoff and it will be held on 14th to 17th of August. The first bands will be announced at the John Mayall concert on Sunday 15th February at the Prague theatre Archa.


Traditional festival, which will be unofficially thirty years old this year, is being re-named to Trutnoff Open Air Festival. The legendary music festival, which is known by the nickname Czech Woodstock, will be held on 14th to 17th of August 2014. The first names, including the major bands, will be drummed out at the concert and the birthday celebration of John Mayall on 16th of February at the Archa Theatre. From all directions we hear questions whether the festival will happen this year, where and when ... The questions regarding bands come last. Here is the answer. 

více zde...

80th Birthday - John Mayall - TRUTNOFF in Archa, MEETING IN BETWEEN THE FESTIVALS 16th February 2014 at the Archa Theatre, Prague


At the time of the winter months of long nights we would like to sound our Tam Tams from beneath the snowy mountains and invite you to the pre-festival meeting of the summer Trutnov Open Air Festival, the Czech Woodstock. This time we are not inviting you to the festival that will be held in seven months, but to an extraordinary meeting with a concert celebrating the birthday of an important musician John Mayall. Although our mountain wigwams are covered with snow that brings in peace and quiet, we are drumming out that on Sunday the 16th of February we will bring back the magical festival atmosphere through a birthday concert of John Mayall. In the theatre atmosphere of Prague's Archa theatre, we are going to pay tribute to the one that inspired the creation of the Trutnov meeting, and we will celebrate his incredible eightieth birthday with him. The concert will be the first one of a whole European tour to mark Mayall´s eightieth birthday. The concert called TRUTNOFF in Archa will take place on the 16th of February at the Archa Theatre. In the foyer you will be welcomed by a gig of Marta and Rasputin Band and we will try to transfer the renowned specific atmosphere of the festival under the roof of the theatre.

více zde...

John Mayall arrived under the mountains tonight


He is going to spend 3 days and nights with us... His portable wigwam is parked just next door from us... We are neighbours... ) Hoka-hey...! 


více zde...

Trutnov Woodstock begins with a mass and puts more detail in its colorful mosaic - Wabi Daněk, Plastic People of the Universe, David Koller, Debustrol and punks.


With the end of the month of the storms and the sixth day of the month of the grain, the famous and iconic Trutnov Open Air Festival, which begins in one week, puts more detail in its colorful mosaic. Czech Woodstock will be held on the 15th to the 18th of August and it will begin with an ecumenical service. You will hear prayers for four peaceful days of the festival of peace and for the victims of the violent post-war expulsion, whom this twenty-sixth annual festival is dedicated to. The first day will be opened by the white blues king John Mayall. The festival will be toughened by the trash-metal Debustrol and a punk band Visací zámek, but there will be even tramp songs performed by a traditionally untraditional guest, the bard of the Czech folk and country music Wabi Daňek. The festival will also welcome David Koller, who will play with his band as well as drum with Jasná páka. During the festival, there will be a debate with the surviving victims, journalists and historians on the subject of the German expulsion. There will also be screenings of documentary films by David Vondráček, as well as a debate "How to fight corruption” with an anti-corruption fund founder Karel Janeček.

více zde...

Winnetou returns to Trutnov Woodstock and brings his sister Nšo-či



In less than a month, 15 - 18 August, the highest Czech mountains will welcome the iconic festival, the legendary Trutnov Open Air, nicknamed by the insiders the Czech Woodstock or the Old Man of all festivals. Knowledgeable know that its origins date back to the years of communist regime in 1984 and 1987, when the festival was broken up by the state police. This year we have are again invited our red brother to participate at our festival with the underground roots. Of course that when we say “Red brother,” we do not mean the one that arrived in tanks in August 1968, but the red gentleman arriving with the message of peace, headbands and feathers – the movie Apache Chief Pierre Brice. After five years, Winnetou returns to our foothill camp! He won’t be alone as he is also bringing his sister Nsho-Tshi.

více zde...

Czech Woodstock will be enriched by the punk band The Damned, Algerian ethno rocker Rachid Taha and the reggae offspring of Bob Marley, Julian. Domestic WWW with their live drummer Pavel Fajt will baptize the festival with electronic music and hip-hop


At the time of the holiday season start, flowering meadows, water and sunshine and in the month of thunder, we are drumming out of our foothill wigwams – the punk band The Damned, the return of the Algerian-French ethno-rocker Rachid Taha and the son of the famous reggae King Bob Marley Julian, whose rocking rhythms will join the bridges of style diversity of this year's festival meeting. For the first time in the festival history, the mountain camp will be baptized by WWW with their electronic music and hip-hop in an unusual composition with drummer Pavel Fajt. The Forefather of all Czech festivals, Trutnov Open Air Festival, will be held from 15th to 18th August in Trutnov- Bojiště (“On the battlefield”). This year's festival meeting is dedicated to the victims of violent post-war displacement. And as you know, even we and our oldest music festival of its kind in the country are fighting against displacement. The surrounding meadows, which usually accommodate your tents and two stages, have been assigned to development by the Trutnov town councillors and the first concrete structure has already been built.  We are therefore preparing for the departure from Trutnov. Every yea may be the last one, but when it comes is unknown ...

více zde...

Filip Topol (12/6/1965 Prague – 19/6/2013 Prague), chief of the Dog Soldiers nation crossed the river


The one that together with the Dog Soldiers nation used to saddle up his piano like a horse before a battle left. His radiating lyrics used to tear both his soul and the souls of the others, but he precisely targeted vulnerable places and hearts of many a squaw and warriors ... He left but he was the one that often used to stay after a concert a little longer than the rest of the band. He and his Dog army stood at the origins of this festival meeting. He first collapsed after the return from the foothill camp ... Sensitive, funny, a nice guy, who sang in one of his songs: "It's awful, so awful, but this city is too tight, too tight for me." Filip, we dare to paraphrase you here and say "It's awful, so awful, but this place was too tight, too tight for you ..."

více zde...

Czech Woodstock will be vibrated by the punk band Toy Dolls and legendary Marky Ramone. Czech band Tommy Indian will launch their new record under the mountains


At the time of burning sunshine and the smell of drying hay we are drumming out that the Czech Woodstock will be enriched by a punk pair Toy Dolls and Marky Ramone with the repertoire of the legendary Ramones. The premiers of Czech bands at this cult festival will include performances of the punk band Fialky, the Folk rock band Fleret or Tommy Indian, who will launch their new record under the mountains in a shamanic ceremony.

více zde...

Czech Woodstock will be enriched by ethno rhythms and hardcore. Natacha Atlas and talented and restless Palm Reader will arrive in Trutnova


At the time of high water finally calming down and with the arrival of the sunshine and better prospects, we are drumming out: in the middle of the month of grain, our tribe in the foothill camp will be supported by the European representative of world music and a belly dancer Natacha Atlas. However, it will not stop there. This year's meeting of the Czech Woodstock, which will be held from 15th to 18th August, will be enriched by the heavy rhythms of the promising young band from the British hardcore scene Palm Reader. The invitation to this year's Pow-Wow dedicated to the victims of the violent post-war expulsion has also been accepted by other local bands.

více zde...

This year’s Trutnov Woodstock is dedicated to the victims of the forced post-war expulsion. We are started to sell tickets for the same price as last year. Third year in a row we are not putting the price up


Dear squaw, brave co-warriors and trackers...

In the May time of the end of the clash of weapons of World War II celebrations and in the month of seedlings we are drumming out of our foothill camp full of blooming flowers and trees this dedication and opening presale tickets.

Cult Open Air Festival "Trutnov 1987-2013", a celebration of joy, summer and meetings in the open air, which will be held from 15/8 to 18/8, will this year be dedicated to the victims of the forced post-war expulsion. A few years ago we dedicated the festival to Sir Winton, who saved hundreds of Jewish children from the gas chambers during the World War II. This year, we want to remind the post-war victims from "the other side" of the wild expulsions. The life stories of ordinary people, who were often guilty just by being of a different nationality. In many places in our country there were post-war killings, violence and injustice on innocent people. Greed and revenge played a significant role, just like the annexation of Sudetenland by Germany, which drove many Czechs out of their homes, not to mention the Jews. "In the Sudetenland in the times after the displacement basically grew up a whole generation of people who lived in somebody else’s houses, woke up in somebody else’s duvets and ate from somebody else’s plates. Post-war frustration is understandable, motivations can be understood, but we reject collective guilt, " is the common language of our wigwams.

více zde...

Our wigwams are surrounded by sorrow once again - a Woodstock man Richie Havens has departed


Two years ago he was going to come to our foothill camp and have a concert.
We were crazy to postpone it. This year it was not possible any more.

This sends out one sad message again - you should never postpone what you want to do, whatever the circumstances... Richie, Freedom!


více zde...

The Czech Woodstock in Trutnov will be visited by legendary John Mayall. The king of white blues will open the festival while performing his first open air gig in the Czech Republic


The legendary musician John Mayall will arrive at the oldest music festival in the Czech Republic nicknamed “Woodstock”, taking place on 15 - 18 August in the part of Trutnov called “the Battlefield” and the adjacent land.

In the Easter aftermath of the resurrection we are drumming out a little joy. We believe that it will rise and revive your souls after the long period without sunshine and that it will please many a heart of squaws and conspirators of our festival tribe. The foothill camp will be visited by the uncrowned king of white blues and Eric Clapton teacher, who will celebrate a whopping eighty notches on his riffle butt in November - the legendary master John Mayall. We are thus fulfilling one of our dreams.

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Trutnov Open Air will take place again this year. The Woodstock-like date was chosen by the stars and the festival is divined by an astrologer


At the beginning of the new year, after a hopeful time when our wigwams and teepees were full of the joyful hope of the Prince Schwarzenberg taking over the Chief’s relay, and in the month of snow and hunger we are drumming out a new hope - Open Air Festival Trutnov, nicknamed the Czech Woodstock, will be held again this year on its traditional place "On the Battlefield"! It will take place exactly to the day 44 years after his famous predecessors Woodstock. The Woodstock-like date of 15th – 18th August was chosen intuitively, but also with the help of an astrologer and the stars. The festival will move a bit and start a few days earlier than what used to be the habit in the past few years. It will take place “On the battlefield,” despite the fact that while last year we could see only excavations in some places, now the land on which the festival has always been held and which Trutnov Town Hall has allocated for commercial development, houses the first concrete construction (a parcel logistics centre), designed by the councilor Vokatý.

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We are announcing the programme of the Thursday unofficial festival opening. It will be unusual - Festival will be started by ecumenical service. We invite all co-warriors to Prepare Magor´s poems


As you know, the festival meeting - Open Air Trutnov, will take place from Thursday 16th of August till Sunday 19th and is dedicated to the Chief Václav Havel and the Underground guru Ivan Martin “Magor” Jirous In Memoriam. The knowledgeable ones know that the schedule of the festival is traditionally not revealed in advance, because we honour the moment of meeting and surprise. The exception proves the rule, however, and so every year we uncover at least the program of the first unofficial festival day.

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Trutnov Woodstock will be different this year: the dramaturgy of extreme diversity, repeated concerts, mass ministered by Auxiliary Bishop of Prague and for the first time without our Chief. It will still be held “on the Battlefield,” but also “on the Bui


At the beginning of the month of ripening grain and grass, ten days before opening the gates of the festival site Na Bojišti (On the Battlefield), the oldest Czech Open Air Festival in Trutnov is drumming out new names of the various bands and performers that are part of this exciting festival program. This year's twenty-fifth anniversary of Trutnov Open Air Festival will be held from 16th to 19th of August. The festival has achieved an impressive quarter of a century (this year could have therefore been dedicated to the festival alone) and it will be different from previous years in many ways. There will be even greater diversity of styles, non-musical activities, debates, double concerts, masses ministered by the bishop Father Václav Malý, but above all, unfortunately, it will be the first time without two of the major figures of its history - the Chief and Magor. Both died at the end of last year and the festival is dedicated to them In Memoriam. Also, for the first time it will take place not only on the Battlefield, but almost “on the building site”. The work on meadows that were selected to be built up by the local councillors has already started and they are actually building close to one of the scenes. There are already underground excavators biting into the red soil near the tent and the existing sacred nature is being transformed into a commercial zone. Anyone will be able to see with their own eyes that our feared visions of the coming end were no chimeras, as the local mayor remarked, but, unfortunately, they are starting to take shape. There will be some warehouses and a logistics centre for packages. The ones gaining in this battle will be especially a councillor and the owner of the design studio Vokatý - who was involved, among other things, in the infamous Sazka hall, the construction company and hence the investor. We will have to move the fence and seek new paths to our tee pees and tents. The festival will get even more conspiracy and Indian spirit.

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With the end of the storm month, Trutnov Woodstock is announcing more bands – a Jamaican legend, a Spanish cult band, a discovery from the Foo Fighters stable, as well as Marta Kubišová with her orchestra.


At the end of the storm month, Trutnov Woodstock is announcing more bands: we can expect a Jamaican reggae legend Barrington Levy, Spanish Bombo Infierno Muchachito, a Barcelona cult club band, and a Trutnov discovery from the Foo Fighters stable - English Hawk Eyes. Marta Kubišová with Peter Malásek band are coming, too.

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Jon Lord has departed...


Last autumn we started negotiating his visit and concert under the mountains. Unfortunately, an illness started interfering with our plans, having killed them completely in the end, bastard. We regret postponing Jons invitation all the time. This has reassured us again that if you want to do something, you should do it immediately. A milestone of rock history, who had influenced many a musician’s heart and soul, has left. His music and style influenced our culture, too.

God Bless You, Jon...!

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Wind, storm, visitors and Faith No More The oldest Czech music festival - Trutnov Open Air 1987-2012 – expresses sympathy with the visitors of the music festival in Hradec Králové


Following the events of the last few days in the connection with the rain and strong winds we are expressing our sympathy with the visitors of the music festival in Hradec Králové, which is ending in these days at the local airport. It was a test not only for the visitors and organizers, but also for the area where the festival is traditionally held. We are glad and appreciate that the difficult situation did not result in any tragedies or losses of lives like at the biggest Slovak festival Pohoda a few years ago when, despite great organization, a tent collapsed during a big storm, killing a young person. Following this tragic event that we unfortunately happened to witness we commented that air fields were not the best spot to hold similar meetings and festivals.  We admire all those who have the courage to organize festivals at open spaces such as air fields that are very vulnerable to elements. We would not have such courage and for various reasons would not use an air field with a vast open space to organize a festival. Large and flat areas are not only boring and sterile but also offering no protection for the large capacity tents in an event of strong winds.

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At the end of the school year we are drumming out the other bands. Punk, hippies and son of the legendary singer - to our Giant Mountains foothills will arrive Anti-Flag from overseas, psychedelic The Flying Eyes and Leonard Cohen' son Adam


With the first days of the month of storms we are drumming out more bands. Punk, hippies, and a son of a folk legend: our foothill camp will be visited by the overseas Anti-Flag - a band known for its punk-rock energy and unbelievably long and intense tours, psychedelic the Flying Eyes and Leonard Cohen's son, Adam. Open Air Festival Trutnov aka Czech Woodstock takes place from Thursday 16th August to Sunday, the 19th August and is dedicated to Vaclav Havel, Martin and Ivan "Magor" Jirous, In Memoriam.

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The Czech Woodstock is drumming out: Our Giant Mountains foothills will be visited by JOHN CALE, an icon of the velvet underground and the founder of The Velvet Underground – a favorite band of both our Chief Václav Havel and Martin Magor Jirous.


The tam-tams from under the mountains have been sounded again and they have vibrated the souls of many a sensitive squaw, fellow warriors, trackers and shamans. With the arrival of the Month of Roses we are sending out signals that our happening will carve another cut on the butt. JOHN CALE has accepted our invitation.

He is an icon of the velvet underground and the founder of The Velvet Underground, the favorite band of both our Chief Václav and the underground guru Ivan Martin Jirous. It will be the first summer gig of Johna Cale under the skies on the Czechoslovak lands. “A record of a certain band, The Velvet Underground, played its specific role in this country, which might not have been noticed in America," our Chief Václav Havel said in April 1990. This year’s festival is dedicated to our Chief Václav and the underground guru Martin Magor “In Memoriam”.

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We are drumming out further bands.
The foothill Czech Woodstock camp will be visited by the punk YELLOWCARD and alternative dEUS. Together with KORN they complete the traditional variety of the Krkonoše foothill mosaic.


We are drumming out that American band Korn will be accompanied by other bands. The punk band Yellowcard and alternative dEUS will be playing at “the Battlefield” in the month of grain and ripening grasses, on the 16th to 19th of August. They will complete the traditional mosaic of variety, exactly as our Chief used to like it. This year’s  25th year of the oldest and not only musical meeting of its kind is dedicated In memoriam to our Chief Václav Havel and the Underground Guru Ivan Martin Jirous. They both used to be welcomed and regular festival visitors.

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We are drumming out from our foothill camp: KORN, the heaviest band in the festival´s history, is coming. They are going to please our romantic hearts with their heavy and innovative rhythms.


On the Good Friday, it the time of the happy news about Christ´s resurrection, we are drumming out that our foothill camp will be visited by an American band Korn. We believe that they will uplift and revive our souls and that their heavy and innovative rhythms will please many a heart! This year’s meeting will take place on the traditional spot “the Battlefield” in the period of 16/8 – 19/8. Experienced visitors know that our Chief Václav Havel and the Underground Guru Ivan Martin “Magor” Jirous often used to visit this festival that was built on the underground foundations. Since they both departed last year, this year´s festival will be dedicated to them In Memoriam.

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We are drumming out…
This year’s Open Air Festival Trutnov will be again on “Na Bojišti (The Battlefield)”. We also believe that we will be able to hold our meeting on the traditional place next year, too.


Even though our wigwams are still surrounded by sorrow, the mountains are crying and the valleys are filled with tears cried after the departure of our Chief Václav and the father of underground Ivan Martin “Magor” Jirous and despite the fact that the mountains are covered with plethora of white snow and our tee-pees are surrounded by frost, we are drumming out the first news earlier than usual: The Open Air Festival “Trutnov 1987-2012” will be held traditionally in the month of grain and ripening grasses in the term of  16.-19.8. 2012. Our foothill camp will experience a few changes.

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Václav Havel – the last of the Mohicans – has left


Our mountains and valleys are still crying tears and we are crying with them. Our Chief has left; the one whose blue eyes used to sparkle and whose spirit used to soar as an eagle even though his body was giving up. Our festival tribe was made an orphan. The one who meant everything for me has left. Everything will be different from now on. It will be divided into the period before and after Václav Havel. The news approached me while walking along a street in Brno; something rustled around and my head got dizzy. I still find it hard to find the right words. My heart is heavy and my head is full of memories of this extraordinary man. There is no bigger personality in our land and only now we are staring to recognize who we have lost. Many countries can envy us for having Václav Havel and they do. Yes, I am one of the followers of the truth and love and our Chief, who was sometimes pejoratively called “truelove”. I believe that if Václav Havel was nowadays at the castle, this country would have a bigger prestige and it would be more respected. However, as it usually goes in these lands, those who would not even reach Václav Havel’s ankles are those who spit on him the most. I believe that it will change now and Václav Havel will start to be fully appreciated.

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